If I Arrive Then Record How Long My Journey Was

I've been trying out If This Then That for logging my commute times. I live on the far edge of Dartmoor from the office where I work, which is in Plymouth. The drive to Plymouth is pleasant enough but there are seemingly wild variations in the amount of time it takes me to cross the city to the office.

So, I've set up a recipe to log the following:

  1. the time I leave the house
  2. the time I reach the edge of the city
  3. the time I reach the office

Strictly speaking what I'm logging is the time I enter or leave a circle of a few hundred meters or so centred on:

  1. my house
  2. the point where I join the Plymouth Express Way
  3. the office

Using IFTTT I then log the dates and times into Google Sheets. Each log point will log to a separate spreadsheet, which looks something like this:

Each date needs to be matched with the dates in the sheets for the other log points, and then we can start analysing.

I will do some proper analysis in due course, but here's a quick taster: a plot of time at each log point over the course of several weeks.

Posted on April 8, 2017 and filed under data.