Microservice Challenge

The Challenge

In my quest to learn me some new languages, and also to push the boundaries of what I already know, I've decided to set myself a challenge. This is to build a microservice in several language/framework combinations to see what works and what doesn't.

The microservice will be a simple one. It will be an id REST service, that serves batches of identifiers given a requested namespace and batch size.

Languages And Frameworks

I've picked the following for starters:


Here's what I want to measure:

  • concision - how simply can I specify what I want to specify
  • robustness
  • performance
  • manageability - how easy is it to control, deploy etc.

I realise my findings will be coloured by my exposure to the different languages - I know Spring Boot rather well, and Compojure not at all. I will do my best to account for this.


I'll only mention a couple of requirements at this point - I'll go into the API in more detail in the next post. Briefly:

  • the REST api will be defined using Swagger
  • the backend will be MongoDB